As of 9/4:

  • Netbook is now starting to be functional! Installed 3 browsers: Midori, Dillo (compiled from source), and Lynx (oh yeah old skool), enabled ssh and disabled port 22 access, and enabled remote desktop.
  • Secured my facebook & twitter logins via 2-factor auth.
  • Started a password database and changed a bunch of passwords to be more secure.
  • Tried to restore my old phone pics from a backup, and realized that the phone backup doesn't exist (oh well)
  • Bike ride - ~12 miles, around Lake Merced, for some much needed exercise. Going to try to do a ride every day!

Still to do:

  • Lock down ssh even more (via key / user) on the netbook
  • Setup DNS service on the netbook or VM on the big mac
  • Setup Nagios to ping my server and let me know if it's down
  • Learn about Version Control in Wordpress so I can get started customizing
  • Setup a VPN
  • Get Wifi working on the netbook
  • Design some Name Cards
  • Play around in Illustrator to work out some laser cutter ideas I have
  • Make some Pudding because it's awesome