I started Hackbright today! My classmates are a great bunch of women, who are interesting, enthusiastic, and energetic. I’m a little exhausted from all the social interaction - day one was a lot of getting to know one another, socializing, lunching, and going over the semantics for the next 10 weeks. I’m stoked to be around some really creative ladies with diverse backgrounds, though it seems we all at least have one or two interests in common. I can’t wait to see what everyone comes up with.

We got right into the swing of things in the afternoon, pairing and going through Blockly and the Command Line Crash Course. I paired up with Louise, which was pretty fun - we flew through the exercises, and I taught her some command line tricks as I was pretty familiar with most of the crash course (but I still learned!). We figured out Blockly pretty quick, and were I think the first to finish, though we did have to make some adjustments to our logic. Our maze-runner had some trouble figuring out which direction to turn, since at first it only made lefts, but got around the maze without getting stuck; we had to add an additional conditional to our three nested ifs to get it going along the maze and find the exit every time. I think there may yet be a more optimized way of getting it to go around the maze, but it worked in the end. I commented that this may be a theme in the real world of coding - there are many ways to do one thing, and you can spend forever optimizing it, and what works may not always be the best way, but the best way you’ve figured out so far that works right every time.